Septic Systems can fail or be undersized


Inspect before you buy


Septic System or On-lot Waste Treatment Inspection

Hydraulic Load Testing

Why should you get a Septic System Inspection

A professional septic system inspection can help you determine whether any repairs need to be made to a septic or on-lot waste system.  Potential, hidden or ongoing costly problems can be identified before you purchase a home.  The last thing you want to do is purchase someone else’s problems and end up paying thousands of dollars out of your pocket to fix them.

Who should do the inspection

Determining who should perform the septic system inspection can be confusing.  In Pennsylvania, there are no laws, regulations or mandated methods governing these inspections. Adding to this confusion, many home owners or home buyers know very little about septic systems.

Accurate Home & Termite Inspections can help you by scheduling a septic system inspection for you with a local septic company service provider.   You will receive a written report from the septic company performing the inspection stating the findings of the inspection and condition of the system, and it will call out any concerns or deficiencies found by the septic company.

Septic System Pumping

It is common practice for the seller of the home to allow access to the property for inspection and to pay for the septic tank to be pumped. You should however verify this with your real estate agent.

If the home is Vacant

In cases where a home has been vacant for 7 days or more, a Hydraulic Load Test is sometimes performed when deemed necessary by the septic company performing your septic system inspection. This test typically takes 3 days to perform and must be completed prior to the septic system inspection.  A Hydraulic Load Test is the process of introducing water into the septic system to verify that the system is able to withstand normal everyday use.


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